Why Extra Gum Should Be the Model for Covert Product Marketing


Give Extra, Get Extra

Last week, we wrote a post about Hotels.com and how they should be the model for marketing when you’re going with an obvious product pitch. This week we’re going to talk about the model for discrete and arguably more effective product marketing. 

If you interact with media in any way, then you’ve probably seen the new commercial for Extra Gum. The film has been played repeatedly by many -- including us here at Trove -- because it tugged on our heartstrings and we just don’t want to let it go.

While the video comes in at 1:57 seconds, audiences are captivated the whole way through watching the love between Sarah and Juan unfold. There’s no voiceover, no graphics blaring on the screen, no dialogue between the two characters on how much they love Extra Gum. Instead, we’re watching great cinematography and a beautiful story where the product plays a vital, but subtle, role. Extra makes a brilliant move by adding a hashtag graphic at the end with the voiceover “Give Extra, Get Extra,” effectively telling people “chew our gum, share our gum, fall in love.” I bet you won’t look at that stick of gum the same way again.

Many times we find ourselves explaining to prospective clients why they don’t want to go the obvious route. Why telling a story is more engaging and effective than having a spokesperson yelling through the screen showing you black and white footage of why the old alternative to something sucks and why their new option is so much better.

Forbes contributor, Glenn Llopis, seems to agree. “With today’s savvy consumer, it’s imperative that brands focus on how to better interact with them, how to build stronger relationships, and how to ensure that those relationships generate trust and meaningful engagement over time,” Lopis said on Forbes.com. He goes on to say that sensationalism and the influence of social media have made consumers more critical about their purchases.

Millennials are becoming the largest consumer population, and a blatant video sell is not going to woo them into buying your product. The Extra commercial has gone viral by millennials because they connected to the story and felt compelled to share it. If the content is good enough, people will share it organically, giving more views and distribution to the video than could ever be achieved traditionally.

So, when you’re thinking about creating a promotional or commercial video for your product or business, think about the story you want to tell instead of the pitch you’d like to sell. Then connect with us and we will do the rest. It may seem like more work than it’s worth to take the time to tell a creative compelling story, but if we’ve learned anything from Extra it’s that when you give extra, you get extra.

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