Why Hotels.com should be the model for overt product marketing

If you’re going to Go with obvious, then go with Captain Obvious


If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past year and a half, then you’ve probably seen at least one Hotels.com commercial. They’ve trademarked Captain Obvious on every single mobile platform. There’s a commercial spot for the App, for a Memorial Day Sale, and for a Hotels.com gift card. What makes these ads so great, award winning even, is the fact that they’re obvious about the product they’re selling without being pushy, condescending or boring.

In fact, they do quite the opposite. Hotels.com makes fun of the fact that commercials virtually shove products down consumers throats. They use that humor and sarcasm to engage clients with their product, and we buy in because we’re hooked by Captain Obvious’ direct and well … obvious statements. Here at Trove, we have a similar take on creative video, encouraging our clients to pursue ways of telling their story rather than selling their pitch on video. After showing these ads countless times with clients, we realized why they were such an appealing model to follow. If you’re going to go with an obvious route to tell customers/potential investors why they should buy into you, then it should include a creative and engaging element. These elements can include humor, irony, sarcasm, art, and grandiosity.

Audiences are smarter than ever. They can easily tell when they’re being sold to, which is why telemarketing and cold calls are not as successful as they used to be. Consumers want to be engaged and pursued by you. If you’re ready to engage your audience with creative and compelling video then call us today!

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