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Bringing Style to Commercial Video

Write. Shoot. Edit. Create.


Based in Atlanta, Trove Studio is a creative force for any video project. 

Why go with trove?

Trove Studio is a full-service Atlanta video production company that creates videos for your business to evoke emotion and spur action. We believe the video medium gives your audience a fresh way to engage with your story. We leverage our professional video services to tell your story the right way while keeping everything scaled to your budget.

Being a one-stop shop for all things related to creative video means you have a direct source to clear vision in order to reach your video marketing goals. From pre-production to final cut, we have an expert team ready and willing to make your vision aesthetically pleasing and emotionally engaging.



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321 West Hill Street

Suite 2A

Atlanta, GA. 30030




Get to know us

Our team of talented Atlanta video professionals are passionate about all things creative video. 



Creative Director

Ben is the primary creative force behind Trove. He has over 13 years of experience in the field and he loves what he does. In his spare time he enjoys time with his lovely wife, watching movies, playing games, or reading.




As a producer, Ashley speaks with clients and organizes our projects from start to finish. In her free time, she enjoys kickboxing, reading, and hanging out with her two cats, Buffy and Crookshanks.



Camera Operator

Garrett assists on location and in the studio to light our shoots and capture the best possible angles. When he's not filming with Trove, he stays busy with many of his own creative endeavors.  



Aerial camera op. 

Joe is our eye in the sky. On our projects requiring a wider view, he makes it happen with some of the best drone work in Atlanta. When he's not in the sky, he helps with editing and exporting Trove's latest video content.




Vivian is Trove’s right-hand when it comes to editing. When she's not behind a computer, she’s probably out and about, traveling, trying new foods and drinks, or floating around Chrome Yellow Trading Company.  




Chenoa assists trove by creating newsletters and helping the crew in any way she can! Outside of her internship, she enjoys listening to music, trying new foods, online shopping, and re-watching her favorite shows.




Daniel is a key member of the team helping as a PA and intern on and off the set. In his free time, he enjoys watching films and developing his own short films. Outside of his internship, he loves finding new restaurants with his friends.




Vanessa acts as a PA and intern for Trove. She collaborates with the other interns to complete office tasks and help make shoots run smoothly. Outside of Trove, Vanessa works as a nanny and enjoys dancing as a stress reliever.

From pre- to post-production, we've got you covered

We offer a wide selection of video production services

Creating a video for your brand or event can be daunting. There are so many steps involved, and, in some cases, you need someone to handle the whole thing, start to finish. In other cases, you may just need a few elements of your video production outsourced. Either way, we're here for you. We specialize in creative commercial videos but have experience in many video production arenas. You can be as involved or detached from the process as you'd like. Our services include the following:


We work with you to develop the right story for your brand.


We've got a producer on staff to organize your video shoot and keep the project running on time.


We take your script from words on a page to on-camera action.


We capture all the action with professional-grade cameras, lenses, and rigs.


We take raw video footage and process it into a cohesive, engaging video using the industry standard editing software.


We also take that same raw footage and make it vibrant and crisp, ensuring the best possible color correction and then a final color grade.


We add the second key element of any great video: great sound.


We work directly with you to help guide your marketing efforts in the visual media department. 


We offer assistance to other studios or agencies in pre-production, production, and post-production

We have worked on the following types of productions:

Web promos | Short films | Documentaries | Commercials | Trailers | Vlogs

Tutorials | Corporate | music videos | Title packages | Motion Graphics

Take a look beyond the frame

Trove Studio produces a wide variety of content: commercials, short films, weddings, music videos and more. 

Watch a selection of work below


Booking studio time in the heart of Atlanta

AFFORDABLE STUDIO TIME for a variety of productions

The Studio

We can produce your video, but we can also offer you studio time. Our space is 14.5 feet wide and 16.5 feet long with a 12-foot ceiling. It comes equipped with a removable seamless green screen, perfect for interviews, product demonstrations, basic visual effects and more. 

The Rates

$50 an hour

This is our most basic offering, giving you access to the studio space and a seamless backdrop of your choosing.


$75 an hour

This rate includes the space, seamless backdrop, and a full kit of grip equipment including lights, gels, c-stands, etc.


$125 an hour

This gives you the studio space with a seamless backdrop, grip gear, and one camera with a camera operator.


$185 an hour

This is our top package, and it includes the studio and seamless backdrop, grip gear, and two cameras with two camera operators.


These rates are for studio time between 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. from Mon. - Fri. Please contact us for a custom quote if your production needs fall outside the above times and packages.

Discounts may be available for projects that Trove Studio edits.

  • Creative, responsive, accomplished and professional, they deliver in all areas. A wonderful partner to have in our contacts.
    — Rod Witmond, Head of Marketing, rented.
  • Their videos capture our brand perfectly, have attracted national attention on Playbill and Broadway World, and they're fun people to be around! Can't recommend them enough folks!
    — Brian Clowdus, Founder & Director, Serenbe Playhouse
  • Trove listened to our needs, talked through our concerns, and intuitively composed a powerful video that received tremendous positive feedback from our members and donors.
    — Jennifer Guynn, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Pebble Tossers, Inc.
  • Trove's ability to come up with creative ideas on the spot will ensure your project is a unique piece. I highly recommend using Trove for your next video.
    — Lacey Jones, RTI Surgical Corporate Communications Specialist

One Internship Slot Open!

At Trove, each intern has a chance to work on a few elements of preproduction and production. We're looking for someone who enjoys writing and has either had experience on multiple sets/shoots or is currently near the end of a film school program. The internship lasts 13 weeks and the time provides experience in areas of organization, sales, and outreach. While on set, you would get experience related to production and camera assistance, grip, electric, and audio. You’ll also read through one book and work on one spec commercial using the tools we have available for you at the studio. Here's how you can start your internship with us:

Please apply via the quote form below, but be sure to include "Internship" in the subject line. Thanks!

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