Vivian Nguyen

Hey Trove fam! We have to introduce you to our new assistant editor Vivian, she is pretty awesome! What makes her so awesome? Well, just asking her what she finds interesting about herself she said, “I feel like I have an ability to make the most mundane activities seem interesting. I’ve spent the last year getting to know myself a lot, and I’ve accepted that one of my superpowers is having a natural positivity towards anything I invest time in. I love helping people get excited about simply... living. “ Wow! What a statement right? Everyday Vivian shows up to Trove with a smile on her face and she is just so inspiring as a person, you can’t help but want to be around her! :)


Some of her hobbies consist of trying new restaurants and then going home to try to replicate the food she just tried. She also likes to watch “Chef’s Table”; hmm maybe this is where her food inspirations come from? She even likes to bring us some new food and drinks to try in the office, another reason why we love her. :)

Besides watching Chef’s Table, of course she likes to watch other tv shows such as “Game of Thrones” and “This Is Us.” As for movies “Short Term 12”, “Her”, and Wong Kar Wai films. Basically anything emotionally heavy and character-driven, she loves it!


Music is another love of Vivian’s she enjoys making playlists in her free time! Sound is what got Vivian started in the film industry. She helped establish “Sofar Sounds” in Athens Georgia, where she was a videographer and video editor. “I discovered a community of people who wanted to help create this platform for artists to express their musicality. I transitioned into filmmaking through a similar collaborative process, but that’s where I discovered my passion and appreciation for editing”, she says. We definitely feel that Vivian is in the right field for sure!

Since starting at Trove, Vivian has found that she really appreciates the balance of professionalism and interpersonal conversations between everyone. “I think that level of comfortability is important for a company’s growth,” says Vivian.

Some of her goals for the Film Industry over the next two years are to focus on being the best AE any Editor would need. Eventually, she would like to be pass over that knowledge and work her way up to be a full time Editor. In the meantime, Vivian is still trying to figure out what her “editing niche” is and enjoying the creativity from looking at the color orange (Trove Studio)! :)