Paying Tribute to Stan Lee

November 12 will now be earmarked as another sad day in the entertainment and film world. As it lost another legend, Stan Lee- comic book writer, producer, and publisher. Stan Lee passed this Monday at the age of 95.

Creator of such iconic stories that we all love such as Spider Man, Black Panther, The Fantastic Four- course I could go on and on. In order to pay tribute to him, I wanted to a give rough overview of Lee’s career.


This man sent Marvel into the status of No. 1 publisher of comic books, which then later developed into one of the leading multimedia companies in the Entertainment Industry.


Lee got his start as an assistant at Timely Comics when he was 16. It was here that he began working under Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, the creators of Captain America. Not long after, Lee was promoted to Editor at Timely Comics and continued writing for the company as well.

Then in the 1950s Timely, (then named Atlas) trying to keep up with DC Comics, gave Stan Lee the chance to create his own collection of superheroes. Need I say much else? This opportunity is what really sparked the fire in Lee’s career. It brought the creation of his best stories.

And In 1961 the world saw the debut of Fantastic Four. Not long after came some of his other most reputable characters; The Hulk, Iron Man, Spider Man, and Thor.


Lee’s characters were known for their humanity and vulnerability. They garnered such adoration because these externally strong characters were coping with the same daily insecurities as us mere mortals.


Regardless of some struggles that Lee faced in his finals years he will be remembered as one of the most successful writers and creators in the Entertainment Industry.


If you’d like to see the fun side of Lee, Click Below to watch a short compilation of his movie cameos!