Ways to Find the Story Your Film Should Tell

A memorable and meaningful film tells a story. This can seem easy with movies, because they have easily identifiable plots, characters, settings, and conflict. If your project is a short film in that vein, this is easier to do. However, this can be harder to see when you’re telling the story of a family event or your business. What can you do to ensure that the story your film tells is one that people want to watch?

Know Thyself

It can be hard to make projects like instructional videos or promotional films feel personal. The more unfamiliar the content is to others, the harder it will be to make it compelling for others. When this happens, make it personal. What about this profession, idea, or concept interests you? How did you come to care about it? How can others come to care about it? If you frame your film with the idea of answering those questions, you’ll escape the trap of dry or unengaging content.

Know Your Audience

As important as it is to consider your own motivation for creating this project, it’s also as important (if not more so!) to consider what they might want or need to see. Just as teachers must approach content they’re comfortable with in a way that students can grasp, seek to cover the content in your video—whether it’s wedding footage or an instructional video for electronics—in a way that doesn’t alienate the viewer. Will this video make sense to those who are learning, or those who weren’t at your event? If you can honestly answer that question with a “Yes,” you’re on your way!

Scope Out the Competition

We’re not at all suggesting that you should steal ideas from others. In fact, we’re suggesting the opposite. What are they not doing, covering, or showing that your audience might like? Where is an opportunity being created for you to satisfy a niche? This could let you be creative. Whether it’s customizing content to a new population, or sharing a narrative from a previously unseen perspective, a peek at what others are doing could infuse some creativity into your final product.

Of course, we’re always willing to help you come up with the story that your film will tell. However, as you prepare to work with us, exploring these factors could also help you cultivate a clear vision for your project. We can’t wait to be a part of it!