Streaming Away

With the new year fast approaching, and the upcoming releases of Disney’s own video streaming service, it is no secret that the competition has been pushing other current and new streaming services to get or stay in the game.


With so many to choose from- Who is to know which has your favorite shows and which one will have more diverse content than the others?


So, let’s compare the current leaders in streaming services, and those soon to come-



The OG streaming service has recently started producing and distributing their own content. They began this transition in 2013 with the release of their first original series House of Cards. Some of the more popular items being 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things, Ozark, specific standup comedy specials and most recently the film Dumplin. Netflix has also been able to cast some larger stars in such shows including Jason Bateman, Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, and Jennifer Anniston, which no doubt has helped contribute to the success of their new content.



Another streaming service to look out for, one that carries many of your favorite TV series and includes one factor that Hulu always held over Netflix: Access to week by week episode releases. Also keeping Hulu in the game of streaming, is the on-demand access offered of over 40 network channels. Hulu also recently added a bundle that streams Spanish Language programming, helping to diversify their content.



Coming in hot with their already lower package prices, what really sets sling forward is the ability to stream your favorite TV shows and connect your account to a satellite connection, making it possible to pay for both your streaming and live TV all in one cheap package as low as $25 a month.


For all of these streaming services however, the only content you won’t find is that of channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz and CBS; who all have streaming services of their own.


Add that to the list of accessible streaming worldwide.




6 more services to be exact.


Come 2019 there will be 6 new streaming services on the market.

Jumping on the stream- boat [ see what I did there] will be Amazon Studios, Apple, DC Entertainment, Disney, Walmart and Warner Media.


Perhaps you recently heard about Netflix shelling out $100 Million in order to retain the rights to distribute the hit TV show Friends? Well that decision was due to Warner Media wanting to pull Friends from the Netflix service, in order to secure it for their own service in 2019. Netflix certainly paid a hefty price, and unfortunately that price will only secure access to Friends through the year 2019. But this is just one example of how streaming services are competing with one another to be the top streaming service around. From holding on to their most popular content to producing their own.


It will be interesting to watch where our favorite TV shows and movies end up. AND just how many different services we’ll have to pay for, in order to watch them all.


To tie it all together in a bow, how do you decide which service is the best service? The answer seems to be that it really depends on how much you’re willing to spend and what you want to watch.

-       For now, Netflix will still hold some of your favorite TV shows and classic movies, however, in the future if you want access to such things you may want to consider Hulu or Sling. But if you’ve enjoyed Netflix’s original stuff so far, then stick with it, loyalty is key!

-       Hulu and Sling will also allow you to catch up on your current TV favorites. Missed an episode of This is Us? No worries, either one will let you catch on.

-       However, one fact is inevitable, if you’re going to want to binge watch Friends for the 63rd time, you will eventually have to give Warner Media service a try. And this may become true for some of your other favorites as well.


With the golden age of TV streaming hanging in the balance, there’s no doubt that there is an abundance of services to choose from.  Another question to ask: is streaming a forthcoming permanent way to access film and TV series? Or will it one day become outdated? This is definitely a trend for all film and television creators to keep their eye on.


Happy Binging!