Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials of 2019

Happy Monday Everyone!

Hope you all are recovering from the weekend well, especially the Super Bowl last night that was hosted in our very own ATLANTA!!!

Even though you can’t count on every Super Bowl to have you on the edge of your seat, you can always count on the commercials to have you crying from laughter or having your heart strings tugged. And this year’s commercials did not disappoint. In the name of creative advertising and film, we’ve rounded up our 10 favorite commercials from the 2019 Super Bowl.

NFL 100

Of course, the NFL has to throw its own commercial in the mix and they took out all the stops. At the NFL 100 gala, with the most competitive and gifted players in the NFL in attendance, how could there not be an impromptu game? This commercial brought all the greats together to celebrate 100 years of “Football!!!”


Bud Light, Bud Knight

Dilly, dilly! The Bud light and Game of Thrones worlds collided in this commercial, combining the Medieval themes. This was a duo we had to see coming. With the Game of Thrones final season premiering in April, it was a great way to get exposure for both sides here.


The Team that Wouldn’t be Here

Verizon Wireless shed some well-deserved light on first responders, specifically those who have saved the lives of NFL players and coaches. Verizon is also running a campaign currently during which every time one of the players’ stories is shared online, $1 will be donated to first responders. So, click below to watch and share it!



I want it that wayyyy -- spicy that is. Just like the Dorito’s commercial this year, featuring Chance the Rapper and Backstreet Boys. Coming together with two of our favorites music artists for our favorite nacho chips.


Expensify This

Catching some slight Ben Wyatt/Parks n’ Rec vibes here with this commercial featuring 2 Chainz and Adam Scott. Think it doesn’t work? Think again, music videos are made somehow and apparently, Expensify wants you to know it’s here for the finance part of that.


Mr. Peanut is Always There in Crunch Time

Go nuts! This commercial is outright hilarious. Everything about this commercial was ridiculous, in a good way. From the moment the Peanut-mobile rounds the corner to the moment Mr. Planter slides across the table this commercial is flat out over the top. It is this very factor that makes the commercial so good!


More than OK

Pepsi is mildly lashing out at coke with this commercial. Don’t worry, it’s not too mean. They are simply poking fun at the typical scenario of when a waiter or waitress asks if Pepsi is okay instead of Coke. Cardi B. Steve Carell and Lil Jon play off of each other excellently in this commercial.


Not Everything Makes the Cut

Amazon is at it again with their funny Super Bowl commercial. This year’s commercial features only a few celebrities definitely not as many as last years, but none the less this is still a phenomenal commercial. I won’t spoil the surprise for you but let’s just say that the line up is pretty stellar.


We’re here for you

T-Mobile took a different route from other advertising companies this year. Instead of having a celebrity endorse their product. They chose to keep it simple and just have a simulated text conversation on screen. That may not sound funny, but I assure you that the conversation that ensues is comedy gold. As an added bonus to the jokes, T-Mobile is giving away free stuff with their new T-Mobile Tuesdays campaign.


We all win

Rounding out our list of Super Bowl LIII commercials today is an inspirational one from Microsoft, featuring their new Xbox Adaptive Controller for their Xbox One game console. This commercial features children who would normally have difficulty using a regular Xbox controller, finding their groove with Microsoft’s newest controller made specifically for people with disabilities. It’s hard not to smile when this commercial is over, so we would recommend you check it out. Enjoy the smile!


These are just a few of our takeaways from last nights game, other than the fact that the Patriots predictably won again. Honestly, Tom, didn’t your mother ever tell you to let the other kids have a turn?  Well, that sums up our list of our 10 favorite commercials from Super Bowl LIII. We hope you’ve checked out a couple and feel a little happier and a little more inspired. What about you? Did your favorite commercial match up with ours? If not, what were some of your other favorite commercials from the Super Bowl?