A Webtastic Way of Creating Content


Greetings everyone! And a huge TGIF, am I right? These past few months, I’ve been slowly watching more web series and it really got me thinking … why aren’t more people talking about this? Seriously, web television is awesome and there are plenty of quality web series out there right at the tip of your fingers! While web television launched in the late 1990s, it really started picking up steam in the 2000s. As we are currently living through the rise of the digital age, web television is slowly becoming more and more prominent. While mainstream television has some fantastic shows, web television allows for more room in diversity and creativity because there are no corporate executives to report to. 

So why should you create a web series? Well, perhaps you’re the creative type who doesn’t have the proper funds, connections, or equipment to get started. Perhaps you want to get your idea out there, but you’re not sure how to. Or perhaps you just want an excuse to get those creative juices flowing in a new medium! The reasons to create a web series are endless.

So how should you get started? Start with writing a killer script. Find some friends to work on the project with, and then figure out if your project needs crowdfunding! Be original. Tell a story that hasn’t been told before. Don’t be hesitant to be different! Go ahead and make the show and then tell your friends. Tell their friends to tell their friends. Tell your mom. Tell your grandma. Post it everywhere. Get it seen! Market it to the audience you want. Who knows what will happen. As a matter of a fact, many shows that are currently on television and streaming platforms today started off on the internet.

Drunk History

“Drunk History” started all from a drunken conversation about history that the shows creator, Derek Walters, once had. He then decided to turn his idea into a Youtube series which became extremely popular. The show got picked up by Comedy Central and has had six seasons.

It's always sunny in philadelphia

The original title of this series was actually “It’s Always Sunny on Television” and it wasn’t initially created to land a spot on TV. The pilot itself only cost around $85-$200 to create. It was picked up by FX when the cast realized it turned out a lot funnier than planned.

broad city

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson met each other in an improv class in New York where they quickly became close friends. They decided to create the hilarious web series, “Broad City,” and it eventually got picked up by Amy Poehler. She found out about it and offered to help produce it on Comedy Central.


Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm's had a Youtube channel called “Mail Order Comedy” where they showcased their series “5th Year.” The show got picked up from Comedy Central and it evolved into what we now know as “Workaholics.”

adventure time

“Adventure Time” aired its pilot episode on Nickelodeon. The station ended up passing on the series and it then resorted back to airing on the internet as a web series until Cartoon Network picked it up in 2010.

And yes … even some bothersome internet sensations made their way to television like Fred …

So if Fred can make it to television, the odds are, you might be able to as well.

And with that said, I hope this has encouraged you to realize that their is in fact opportunity in any idea if executed well.

Have a great weekend everyone!