BlackMirror’s “Bandersnatch”


This sci-fi anthology series explores a twisted, high tech near future where humanity's greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide.

Along with the twisted plots and alternate endings, we look forward to capturing the new technological advances in the world of BlackMirror. Every episode involves some type of futuristic device that plays a key essential to everyday life in society. The introduction of these technologies make you start to wonder if maybe these concepts will be in our near future. To think that just maybe were not too far away from this phenomenon. Are we actually heading this route?

What are audiences saying about the original Netflix series "Black Mirror". What's so captivating about this original Netflix series?

With the original Netflix series already on its way to their fifth season, they are continuing to stun audiences. BlackMirror’s last iconic episode revealed an alternate style streaming event where audiences could control the choices of its main protagonist, aspiring computer programmer Stefan Butler. The “Bandersnatch” episode was a game changer. Other than it being just another episode it was as well as experiment on the behalf of Netflix. We watch the protagonist and Netflix is watching us. This experiment conducted data of the decisions made by audiences and was also recorded for users to excess this information online.

So, after all the hype on this episode I didn’t decide to finally watch the show. Don’t get me wrong I love BlackMirror, I just received a heads up that this “Bandersnatch” episode was a little longer than expected and you will need to dedicate some time in my already busy schedule.

First thing first, the aesthetics of the show were amazing as usual. I was so excited about being given the opportunity to choose for the character I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Although, as the show progressed, I began to find myself getting a bit annoyed. It started to seem that every choice I made was the opposing choice of what the creators wanted me to make. It was like every time I chose differently it brought me back to the beginning in which the fate of the character was left all up to me but not really. I began to get frustrated because my decisions ultimately led me back to the beginning, therefore the story wasn’t progressive it was just mysteriously giving alternate routes. After 45mins, I gave up on Bandersnatch, ultimately because the episode eventually forced me to make a decision. The most interesting thought is the idea of the creators watching the viewers, the viewers watching the character and the fact that each entity is totally aware their being watched.

-"The future will be brighter than ever",

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What do you reckon your Bandersnatch choices say about you, and do you care if Netflix stores them for later use?