Alan McKelton



Hey Trove Followers! We would like to introduce you to one of our newest team members. To start out our first candidate is Alan McKelton! Alan is a Production Assistant here at Trove from Detroit Michigan. Alan came to Atlanta, Georgia because he realized the opportunities of what Atlanta Video Production Companies had to offer while pursuing his Bachelor’s degree at Clayton University.


While attending Clayton University, he studied video and even got a minor in French. Funny enough, French films are what got Alan into the love for the film industry.


He admires some of the French “Bad Boy Culture” and their sense of style. He even has a love for French fries (which was not created by the French and has nothing to do with video).


Anyways, other media that has influenced Alan’s sense of “style” are horror movies like “The Anti-Christ”, and thriller film “The Double”, and Sci-fi book “Nova”.


After college, Alan began looking for internships and found Trove Studio! Since beginning his internship, Alan has enjoyed how laid back and cool everyone is. Yes!


His favorite project at Trove was interviewing the union members for Actors Equity Group because of how passionate and caring they are about the theater groups here in Atlanta.  


Some of Alan’s personal goals with Trove Studio are to work on some Cinema projects and become a Light Technician. Alan would like to create and work with films that push mediums such as color, light, and that are deeply personable.  Who knows, maybe they’ll even star some French Actors?