The Best of NAB 2016

Photo by Leks_Laputin/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Leks_Laputin/iStock / Getty Images

While several shoots kept us from attending NAB (National Association of Broadcasters Conference) this year, we kept a close eye on all the announcements, roll-outs, and lectures that took place. Some launches made us roll our eyes with annoyance while others made us swear from excitement.

Here’s what we thought were the best launches for the video production industry that came from NAB this year. integration with Premiere Pro in its simplest form is a file sharing software. In it’s most awesome form, is a file sharing software designed for video production. They upped the ante when they announced a full integration with Premiere Pro. We’ve considered making the switch to and will move forward because of this new integration. Essentially, you can use from the Adobe Premiere window and upload and export videos seamlessly. Check out their stunning video that explains the integration much better than we can.  

Glidecam's All-In-One rig

After four years of design work, Glidecam has released an all-in-one rig system.  Effectively, the Ultra-Shot Hybrid can go from Shoulder Rig to Stabilizer, to Monopod and finally to a Hi-hat. While it’s not super sexy and doesn’t seem to accomplish the total effectiveness of each individual camera rig, it’s great for on the go shooting-the target market they’re connecting with. The transition between each rig is seamless and the device is highly portable. Added value includes the ability to mimic gib shots as well as the stability the device has when transitioning from each rig system. We aren’t running to pick one of these up, but we definitely recommend for on-the-go or leisure video shooters.

RolloCam Hercules

We’re pretty stoked about this adorable dolly. After raising over $300,000 on Kickstarter, the video community set its eye on the RolloCam Hercules. The dolly is designed for DSLR hands-free track shooting. With a few clicks of a Big Hero 6-esque button device, the dolly can mechanically control speed and direction. Added value: customizable wheels, ability to rig camera in almost every angle imaginable, and the price. The most basic form of the Herc is only $125. Yeah. We know. Watch this video and then head over to their website to pre-order.

DJI Launches a New Drone and Updates Ronin-Mx Gimbal

One of the most wonderfully irritating launches at NAB this year was the Ronin update and new drone. We love the Ronin-M. It makes its way into virtually all of our shoots. However, the kinks can get pretty frustrating. After only a year of being out, the Ronin-M has been made virtually obsolete with the launch of it’s better looking cousin. So yeah, kind of frustrating but great at the same time. Here’s just a quick list of the new features that come with the Ronin-Mx:

  • GPS built in for multiple take shoots

  • Full communication integration with M600 Drone

  • New battery pack placement for better balance

  • Built in rails for a follow focus. I repeat! Built in rails for a FOLLOW FOCUS!

  • Easier to hold.

  • Smart this time: circuitry and communication throughout the gimble.

This Ronin is much more practical, kink free, and smooth. So, anyone interested in getting their feet wet with the Ronin-M before upgrading to the Mx, let us know, we’re selling.

The M600 drone is also kicking our butts. The Hexicopter can lift a total of 13 pounds. It integrates fully with the Ronin-Mx so if you’ve only got one camera, you don’t need to worry about transferring back and forth between Ronin and Drone and dealing with balancing headaches. This is smooth comprehensive video shooting at its best. The new A3 flight controller is claimed to be the smartest controller technology to date. It can transmit video up to 5 kilometers away and can be upgraded to have precise GPS positioning. With 6 batteries, the Drone gets more air time. Needless to say, DJI made our video hearts pitter patter with glee.

Lytro Camera

This. Camera. Changes. EVERYTHING. We can’t even begin to discuss why this camera is bossin’ it hard core. So watch this and prepare to see gorgeous cinematography.