Whether you are selling a product, pitching a new service or making the world aware of your new startup company, making an effective marketing video ad can either be extremely successful or potentially very dangerous. A solid marketing company who help you deliver a high quality product is Trove. They will help you connect with the viewers, the outcome can be an enormous positive effort to your mission and/or project, although, if the flipside were to happen, then the outcome could be disastrous. In this article, we will provide you with the top 15 tips to making your next marketing video ad out to be an effective business generating investment that you could make.

#1 Have a clear message.


If you want to be successful at any project, the absolute first step is to know what you are planning to accomplish. In terms of creating an effective marketing video ad, that would mean that you need to know exactly what you want to say. You want to portray a specific message in your video, so having a solid understanding of what you want to convey is key. If you are a company making a video for a new product, the last thing you want to do is bring up your son’s birthday party while talking in your video. Now we are not saying that little Johnny isn’t important, but this probably isn’t the most opportune time. Knowing what you want to deliver to the world is the most crucial step and best piece of advice we could give on developing an effective marketing video ad.

#2 Develop a script.

Once you know the clear and concise message that you want to say, you need to have a plan about how you are going to pass it along to the multitude of potential viewers.

#3 Know your audience.

What audience are you writing this for? Teens? Middle aged gamers? Or maybe you’re writing it for potentially new investors in your new startup company that is destined to change the world. Again, this is another service/specialty of the folks here at Trove. We will help you word your message in a manner that your target audience will connect with. If your client base consists of 10-13-year-old boys who like Assassin’s Creed, then you want to steer your vocabulary and message to that crowd. You won’t want to make references to popular political members who might be influencing the decision of an important government bill that is being voted on. You want to home in on your target with the proper language, speech patterns, and mental awareness so that your message is delivered directly to the right people in the most effective manner. If you are able to home in on your target audience, then you have a much better chance at delivering a solid, concise message which will generate the outcome that you are seeking.

#4 Keep it simple.

Whatever the message may be, whoever the audience might be, no matter the circumstances of the needs for the message, the best most effective way to convey that message is to keep it simple. There are billions of people on the planet, all with completely varying degrees of intelligence, patience, and aptitude to understand what you may be saying. What does that mean in the long run? The simpler the message is, the better the chances that your message will be understood, liked, and engaged with by your target audience. One way to make things simple would be to record your message so that it could be listed on popular social media websites, like YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Making a homemade video would be cost-effective, simple, and something that wouldn’t need anything more than a well-written script and a webcam. There really aren’t many ways to make it simpler than that.

#5 Find the right length.

It has been scientifically proven that the human mind can only process only so much stimulation at any given time; therefore, if you give the average human viewer too much information, chances are a portion of that information will be lost in one way or another. If the message is presented more clearly, then a solid sixty seconds of information targeted directly at your audience has proven to be the optimum duration for a truly effective marketing video ad. Finding the correct duration for your audience is just one key to a truly successful marketing video ad. If you watch any successful YouTube marketing videos, they each average between a minute and a minute-thirty seconds in length. The reason for this is that they were delivered in a manner that is intended to deliver their message, and then leave the viewer with the information they need, and nothing more. Document a solid message while delivering it to your target audience quickly and effectively, and you will have successfully created an effective marketing video ad.

#6 Capture your audience.

Thanks to the invention of numerous technologies, the average human has the attention span of, at the most, 15 seconds before the chances that they will lose interest in whatever they are watching quickly increases. So, as the author of a very important message that needs to be conveyed quickly and effectively, you need to determine a way to hook your viewer. Grab their attention and hold on to it while you deliver your message concisely and effectively. There are numerous ways to accomplish this feat, like speaking your audience’s language (see skill #7 below for more detail), keeping your message clean and concise, and, finally, presenting your message in a manner that interests your target audience. This may sound hard, and, to be honest, it can be a tricky skill to master, but the sooner you learn it, the better you master it, and the more effective all of your marketing video ads will become from that point on.

#7 Speak your audience’s language.

Once you have determined for whom you are writing the script, you will have an idea as to that audience’s language. You don’t often see average teenage girls talking about metallurgy, botany, or what are the chemical components to a McDonald’s Quarter pounder and cheese hamburger. There are science enthusiasts out there, of course, but most talk about hobbies and interests typical of their age range and gender. Simply stated, they talk about things that interest them. Statistically speaking, this could range from clothes, to boys, to music, to art. What does all this mean? Once you know your audience, you can learn how they talk. If we were to write for someone who had decades of marketing experience, this article would be shorter by several thousand words, so, instead, we write this article for the general public, in a manner we believe everyone can understand.

#8 Make it a conversation.

When trying to make a compelling argument about something, one of the most effective tactics is to make the discussion into a conversation, as in something different than a conversation where you are trying to prove your point or win someone over. When you are watching the latest Capital One commercial during your favorite prime time television show, does it seem like Samuel L. Jackson is trying to sell you something, or inform you of a more beneficial product that Capital One might have? Watch a few of these commercials, and see how he connects more with you, the viewer, than continuing to have a one sided conversation in the attempt to deliver a solid message that the new Capital One credit card will give you 1.5% back on everything you purchase.  Now that he has taught us so well, even if he didn’t intend to, what’s going to be in your next effective marketing video ad?

#9 Humor can be good. 


Some of the most memorable video advertisements contain humor. We can guarantee that the writers for those videos went through a lot of editing and testing before feeling confident that they've delivered a humorous video. Humor is good. Humor is inviting. However, if humor isn't your strong set, that's okay. Videos that appeal to any emotion are stronger videos than matter-of-fact sales pitch videos. If humor is something you'd like to test, budget a little more for screenwriting services during preproduction. Test your funny. If it falls flat, it may mean your promotional video would benefit an appeal to a more serious emotion. That's okay. 

#10 Choose one approach and follow through.

Like in golf and bowling, once you have chosen how you are swinging the bowling ball or golf club, it is very important to have the proper follow through. The same can be said on your approach when making effective marketing video ads. If you start out being analytical, then follow through with that throughout the whole video. If you have the knack for humor, and you bring that to your video ad, then keep the whole video upbeat and light. Also, it is important to choose the right approach for your message. If you are making a marketing ad to raise money for a local charity, then chances are you don’t want to start off by making jokes.

In Conclusion

So, if you are following through these steps in order, all you need to do is have a solid message for the right audience, using the proper approach to create a solid effective marketing video ad.