Tricks to Try: The “Me Right Now”

This three part series seeks to highlight new perspectives on how to present your content. The Trove Studio staff is highly skilled in helping you transform your idea into a expertly produced final product, so let us know if this technique stands out to you as an approach you’d like to try! Be sure to check out part 2 and part 3 of series.

Thanks to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Gchat, we’re accustomed to the concept of the status update. It’s an attempt to encapsulate an answer to the questions these platforms ask us: “What’s on your mind?” What’s happening?” Most of us are accustomed to answering that question with typed text, emojis, or occasionally a picture.

But how often have you answered that question with a video?

The me right now video is a way of answering that question with dynamic personal content. Vimeo, which defines this style of video as simply “a video of what you’re doing right now,” has a collection of these videos made by its users. They are intimate, personal, and less tightly structured than some of the formats you typically come across in corporate or personal films. In a world where companies and organizations benefit from appearing human and approachable, this comparatively informal point of connection means more than you know to your prospective viewers.

The “me right now” approach could be advantageous to you, your company, or your brand if you are seeking a way to demonstrate how your product or service looks in action, how your business affects people, or how your event was experienced by those in attendance. For example, rather than having an event recap that shows an impersonal summary of the day’s events, why not show the event from the perspective of a featured speaker, guest, or planner of the event for the day?

Similarly, rather than giving a dry overview of how your product works, consider letting a client or user show others how it contributed to a key success or milestone. Thinking about ways to execute this? Interviews, impromptu storytelling, and candid reaction shots are all ways to make this seem natural for the subject and viewer alike. Don’t worry: We can help with the execution.

Regardless of the nature of the project you come to us with, consider incorporating those who create the experience you’re wishing to share, and those experiencing it. This format benefits greatly from being able to incorporate both; your viewer will appreciate the special type of transparency it provides. Just as you feel closer or more connected to a friend who digs deep when expressing emotion or your current state in a status update, your viewers could feel similarly connected to you by the end of a video that seeks to do the same.

What sort of experience does your product, service, or event create, and how can you capture it on film? If you have an interest in telling that story, the “me right now” video could be a great direction for your film to take.