4 Tips to Show Off Your New Video



Well, it’s been a pleasure working with you. You’ve shared your vision with us, we’ve worked together, and created a final product you can be proud of! What’s next? If you want to share your video with an online audience, we have some tips to help you get it in front of the right eyes.

Tease Content

Once your project is completed, pique the interest of your friends, customers, or followers by telling them you have a new video on the way. Generate excitement by letting them know what’s coming  leak small clips to show people parts of the final product, release screen captures, or even run contests to invite others to guess what the video might contain. Anticipation will help to increase viewership once it finally arrives. Even if your video is something more intimate, like a wedding or family party, anticipation will stir the emotions and leave people waiting to relive the event.

Let People Know It’s There!

When your video arrives, let people know! Social sharing expert Jay Baer recommends any video you share online should be clearly labeled in its title, and be placed toward the top of a post. This way, people know that there’s dynamic content behind your link particularly for those followers, friends, or clients that like to watch rather than read, the cue will drive more people to your video.

Customize Calls-to-Action for the Platform You’re Using

If the goal of your video is to prompt people to do something, the location of your post should make this process easy. Posting your video on Facebook will allow a different method of inspiring action, than Twitter will or LinkedIn will. Being thoughtful about how your content is shared across platforms will increase your credibility and relationship with customers. This includes knowing where video should and shouldn’t go. Should video of a family event show up on your LinkedIn? Should your business’s promotional video be posted on your Facebook? Think hard about what your audiences in each space would benefit from before you hit that “Share” button.

Find Ways to Measure Your Success

How will you know if your video has been a success? Before you share, decide how you’ll know. For example, do your ticket sales increase after a promotional video arrives? Do questions about a certain topic decrease once an instructional video is released? As you share your video with the world, decide how you’ll know if the video is serving its purpose. And if it is? More could be on the way!

For more examples of what sorts of content you could be showing off, check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.