Give your production a life outside of the theater

Creative Video production tailored to your theater production

Trove Studio is an Atlanta video production company dedicated to creating compelling, cinematic video content. We LOVE working with the Atlanta theater. It's the perfect opportunity to capture rich, narrative content that lends itself to our brand of film making. We want to work with you to make creative, web-based videos that get the word out about your show and fill your seats. We would love the chance to collaborate with you on your upcoming theater production. Scroll down to learn more.

How it works

The process is very simple. We meet to decide what your video needs would be for a particular production, or an entire season. When we meet, we'll decide if you need either a teaser or a highlight reel. Teasers are cinematic trailers intended to be used roughly one week prior to your opening week to build a buzz around your show. Highlight reels are filmed on opening week and then used throughout the duration of the show's run in order to help fill up those seats. Both teasers and reels are meant to be uploaded online and distributed through social media, so a strong existing online presence can help these videos reach their full selling potential. Our top performing theater video, Sleepy Hollow Experience, reached over 7,000 views and contributed to a sold out run. 


We like to let the work speak for itself

T  E  A  S  E  R  S


R  E  E  L  S


Trove offers incredibly flexible pricing options in order to stay within your budget. Here's how:

  1. We give you the opportunity to pay on a per project basis or at a discounted retainer rate for the whole season
  2. We can even split the retainer into multiple payments
  3. If the need is there, we can work out a trade deal by using advertising space in your production's program

We do this because we honestly love making creative narrative videos. If your budget is big or small, we want to partner with you to make it work.

Next Steps

If you're interested, or have more questions related to Trove's services, the next step is easy. If you received an email with a link to this page, you can simply reply to that email. If you came across the page another way, use the contact form below to let us know what you think. We can start the conversation and tailor a video plan for your current or upcoming theater season. Thank you!

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